Saturday, April 19, 2014

Faithful Friday {Never Forget}

Picture your best friend in your head right now. I'd be willing to bet you two get along quite well, love eachother a lot, and spend a lot of time together, whether it be through texting or face-to-face.

Now imagine if everyday, perhaps several times each day, you did something very mean to that friend. Maybe you curse at her, or whip her. (I certainly don't do that to my best friend, and I am very confident you don't either. But for this story's sake, pretend that's the case) If your best friend did that to you, would you continue to love her? I know I wouldn't. My attidude would be, "Any friend that does that over and over is no friend." But this friend is different. She continuously forgives you, loves you, and bakes you cupcakes.

Now, after that continuous pattern going on for years and years, what if you did something even worse and the punishment was death. Your friend loves you so much that she takes your place. 


Now, I know that is an extreme example of earthly friends, but Jesus did die for us when we treated him terribly. He is even better than that made-up friend.

He loves us a lot. A lot a lot. More than everyone on earth loves you combined.

His love is higher, deeper, and wider than we can imagine. Its crazy how much He loves us. Easter is a prime example. That weekend approximately 2,000 years ago was the best weekend in history, and certainly the most important. We can't even imagine the pain He went through for us on that day.

Thank you, Jesus, for dying so I could live! Please give me a better understanding of how much You love me.

Sunday is on its way!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Faithful Friday {Not Forgetting to Rely on Him}

Many times in our comfortable American lives, we completely forget to rely on God. We feel, sometimes, that we don't need to because we have money for food, good health care, and a very nice house to live in. When terrible things happen, isn't it so easy to just think, "Oh, I can just go to the doctor," or "My basement is a safe enough place to go while this tornado hits." Not that there is anything wrong with going to the doctor when you are sick or going to your basement during a tornado (I'd hope you would always do those two things, though!), but really, its God who gives us those things and keeps us safe.

On my recent trip to the Dominican, we met people who really had to rely on God for each meal, safety because anyone could walk into their homes at any given moment, and literally everything else. One woman told us that she is happy because she has Jesus and thats ALL she needs.

Don't lose sight of the fact that the Lord has immensely blessed us with so much, but He is all we ever needed. Because He died, we can live now. He offers us an intimate relationship with Him and can provide all we need here on earth. Sure, theres nothing wrong with purchasing something we have been eyeing at the store, but Jesus is really what we need to keep our eyes locked on.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Dominican Trip

First off, please accept my utmost apology for my near three week absence from my little comer of the bloggy world.

As y'all may know, I spent eight wonderful days in the Dominican Repuplic. It was fabulous, to say the very least. My life was changed, and I miss that land desperately. 

While there, we:

-did rainbow looms with the kids at the orphanage. None of us knew how to, and I will have to admit that little girls less than half my age were doing it while we stood clueless. 
-Painted nails (and had our nails painted by the girls!). This was a huge hit with the kids. I happily obliged to add lots of glitter. :)
-Spent lots of time bonding with kids. The girl I got closest to is twelve and knew some English. She and her sister are total language sponges. Her sister is fluent in English with no accent (literally- no joke) and she has only been in care since she was five (which is still a long time, but still). Leaving on the last day was one of the hardest things I've sever had to do.
-Met sponsor kids!! Everyone in the group sponsored a child there, and we really had some special time with those kids. My family sponsors a few kids through that organization, and we got to meet them all, which included going out for American pizza!! :)
-Taking lots of pictures. I recently upgrade my DSLR to a full frame, and I had a lot of fun taking pics of the kids. They would literally line up to get their picture taken in my sunglasses. Bless their hearts. Thankfully, there was enough time at night to edit the pictures from each day (and Lightroom doesn't need an Internet connection... Phew!) so I didn't have thousands of pictures to edit once I got home. 
-Visited a really poor neighborhood. This deserves it's own blog post. 

I know I'm leaving so much stuff out, but I thought I would break the silence and post a brief synopsis of the trip! I feel a great tugging at my heart from God to go back. When (and if) He opens that door, I don't know. 

Have a wonderful day!
God Bless!